«We don’t sell seats, but we stand up for our profession.»

Advice and legal protection

Legal advice and protection in all matters pertaining to the professional practice of SBKV members are among the core services of the Swiss Stage Artists’ Association.

The SBKV advises on questions concerning salary, contracts, social insurance, occupational pension plan (Pensionskasse CAST) and career change (Umschulungsstiftung).

The Swiss Stage Artists’ Association also gives legal advice with regard to neighbouring rights, performers’ rights and secondary use rights in the field of “Recorded Performance” (i.e. with regard to audio and audiovisual recordings and their distribution).

Dance Passport

SBKV is an active partner of the union network Dance Passport and supports dancers who work in Switzerland for a short period of time. The SBKV will answer questions regarding salary, work contracts, work conditions and insurances. SBKV members, on the other hand, have the possibility to contact the local union abroad. Dance Passport has established an interactive map of Europe with FAQ for the respective countries; these FAQ should offer a first overview of the working conditions in the national dance sector of each of the countries.

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